Fishstick Tacos

I enjoy making fishstick tacos for dinner or lunch because it’s so quick and delish! The total time it takes is 15 minutes, not counting the oven preheat time.

Things you need(this will feed two):
Two Cookie sheets
Juice of four limes(I use fresh limes. Once I used already-squeezed juice, and it just didn’t taste right)
1/3 cup of mayo
Tablespoon of sour cream
Salt(small pinch)
Shredded cabbage(A coleslaw cabbage mix works perfectly)
Four White corn tortillas(or six depending on how hungry you are)
Shredded cheese(optional)
Gorton’s Fishsticks(this recipe will work with any type of fish; I just prefer Gorton’s)

Start by preheating the oven to 425F.
Place 14 fishsticks on the cookie sheet. Each taco will have 3 & 1/2 fishsticks, so add more if you plan on eating more than two tacos.

Once the oven is ready, place the cookie sheet on the middle rack. Set the oven timer for 14 minutes. Watch your oven time for two minutes before fishsticks are ready because this is when you will put the tortillas in to warm. Be sure to have an empty rack available above the fishstick rack for your tortillas to warm. Here is what it should look like…
Just a reminder, do not add the tortillas until two minutes left on the fishsticks.

While the fishsticks are in the oven, start the prep for the taco sauce. In a small bowl, add 1/3 cup of mayo, tablespoon of sour cream, a dash of salt, the juice of two limes, amount of juice is about 3 to 4 tablespoons – i like the sauce tangy; you can add as much or as little lime juice as you’d like – and mix all ingredients with a spoon. Mix well. The sauce will appear clumpy at first. It should have a smooth consistency after mixed, a tad on the runny side. You really can’t go wrong with the sauce.

In a medium bowl mix the remaining lime juice and a cup and a half of cabbage. It should be close to 2 tablespoons of juice.

Place the cabbage in the fridge.

Put your tortillas on a cookie sheet with shredded cheese on top – cheese is optional. Reminder, put tortillas into the oven on the top rack when two minutes are remaining on the timer for fishsticks.

Once the fishsticks and tortillas are done, turn off the oven. Remove both trays. Loosen the fishsticks with a spatula and lightly salt them. Place the tortillas on plates and add 3 & 1/2 fishsticks to each tortilla.

Use two spoonfuls of sauce for each taco, then add cabbage.

Mmmmmmm! Don't they look yummy!

Mmmmmmm! Don’t they look yummy!

Also, if you want to make a low-carb version, use a cabbage shell in place of the tortilla!

Happy eating journeys and destinations!