Egg McRowave Sandwiches for Two


Here is a recipe for a quick and easy breakfast sandwich. They’re so good! And what I love most about them is they’re so easy to make!  Yes, there are a lot of steps to follow, about 5, but once you get the hang of it, it’s super quick.

Things you need:


Two Ramekins
Two Eggs
One Slice of American cheese(or whatever you prefer)
Two English muffins
Saran wrap
Canadian bacon, crispy bacon, ham or turkey sausage(your choice)

The first step is to place two English muffins cut open in a toaster. You don’t want to toast them too long, about three minutes on a medium setting. You want the muffins to be soft. After three to four minutes, leave the muffins in the toaster with the toaster OFF and the door open if it’s a toaster oven to keep the muffins from cooking and getting too crispy.

Now, place two small pieces of butter into the ramekin (or you can you use canola oil spray. if you use canola oil spray, you can skip this step and move right to cracking the egg into the ramekin.) With the butter in the ramekins, place them in the microwave for 20 seconds. After 20 seconds, remove the ramekin. Careful, it will be HOT! Grab the butterknife and just move the butter around the bottom of the ramekin. I like to remove excess butter. All you need to do is just coat the bottom of the dish.


Take two eggs, and crack one egg into each ramekin. Take the butterknife and poke the middle of the yolk and move it around the egg white, but don’t scramble it. Then add a small amount of salt and pepper.


 Tear off a piece of saran wrap enough to cover the top of the ramekin. Place the saran wrap over the ramekin but leave a slit on the side for ventilation.


Place the ramekins in the microwave, and cook for 2 minutes. You might hear some popping as the eggs are cooking.

Once they are done, put on your oven mitts to grab the ramekins. The dishes will be extremely hot! Place the ramekins on the counter and remove the saran wrap. While the egg is still steaming, grab your cheese and place a slice right on top of each egg. I use half a slice of American cheese for each egg because one slice tends to be too much and it gets a little messy when it melts.

While the cheese is melting on the eggs, remove your English muffins from the toaster and add a little butter. I use Canadian bacon for these sandwiches.  So place two pieces of Canadian bacon on a papertowel or plate, put in the microwave for 20 seconds, or you can place in a hot pan, too. I use the microwave to avoid extra cleanup.


We’re almost done! Now, time to remove the egg from the ramekin. Sometimes I’ll use a fork just to lift it up or I will hold the ramekin upside down right over the muffin, but if you do this, be careful because the ramekin is still very hot. If you’re using a fork or a knife, it should be easy to lift the egg since the dish is well-buttered.


And your Egg McRowaves are ready to enjoy!