Goat Cheese with Fig

Hey, Everyone! I have a quick snack idea that I want to share. Goat cheese and fig spread on a toasted English muffin. Had one earlier today! Could eat another right now, but got to watch the cholesterol.

So I am loving the goat cheese right now. My husband and I went out to eat last night with the parents at a very nice grill in La Jolla called “Seasons 52.” The menu is great, nothing over 475 calories. The flavor is all there that it’s really hard to believe it’s low in calories. Anyway, my husband and I shared a delicious appetizer. It was ravioli stuffed with goat cheese drizzled with a yummy butter sauce. It was so rich and flavorful. I will have to make that for another post.

So here is the recipe for my quick goat cheese fix!

Items needed:
English muffin
Goat cheese(Of course)
Fig spread(You should be able to find this by the goat cheese in your grocery store)

Toast the English muffins for a few minutes. Once the muffins are toasted, spread on some goat cheese.

Add some fig spread on top, and there you have a quick goat cheese fix!