Garbanzo Bean Salad

This is my absolute favorite salad right now. I’m obsessed! Just a few items needed for this tasty, and healthy, dish. I really didn’t care much for garbanzos in the past, but I’ve come to really enjoy this little bean. When my sisters and I ate at Claim Jumper for lunch recently, I noticed the salad bar had garbanzo beans soaking in a bath of Italian dressing with spices and herbs looking all tasty. Well, some beans happened to find their way onto my plate, and very soon after found their way into my foodie heart!

I came up with my own version of a garbanzo bean salad. It’s really simple to throw together. Here’s what you need…

Two cans of garbanzo beans
One medium cucumber or two small ones
One tomato
Feta crumbles
Jar of artichoke hearts
Your favorite Italian dressing
(Optional: Add some cut up salami)


Rinse the garbanzo beans, and place into a medium-sized tupperware.

Dice up the cucumbers, tomato and artichoke hearts. Place the diced veggies into the tupperware with the beans. Mix the salad together.


Scoop some of the salad into a bowl, add dressing and feta crumbles…


Trust me, this tastes exactly how it looks, cool and refreshing, a great salad to serve this summer!

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