Easy Chicken Pot Pie


Only three items needed for this quick chicken pot pie recipe; two cans of hearty chicken pot pie soup from Progresso, four ramekins and pie crust. I paid only $6 for this dinner; pie crust $2 and two cans of soup for $4. What a bargain!

Thanks to my sister for suggesting I make chicken pot pie. When she said that, I knew right away how I wanted to make it. Progresso makes a chicken pot pie soup. I never had it until I made this pot pie dish. It’s really good and tastes just like chicken pot pie, but it’s not a chicken pot pie without pie crust, so that’s where my idea came into play…

Items needed:

Four ramekins
Pie crust
Two cans of chicken pot pie soup

Preheat the oven to 375F

Divide the two cans of the soup into four ramekins…

Place all four ramekins onto a tray for easy transference. Keep these on the tray while they bake in the oven.

Place the pie crust onto a cutting board. Cut the pie crust into four equal parts and slice a small cross into each quarter…

Cover each ramekin with the pie crust and pinch the edges slightly…

Place these into the 375-degree oven and bake for 25 minutes.

Once they are ready, it will look something like this…

The center looks a little transparent, but trust me, it’s cooked.


This is a perfect meal for the cooler months ahead. It’s hearty and hot and so tasty.

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