I Heart Donuts

Here is a recipe for some delicious donuts that are so easy to make. I used the buttermilk biscuit dough in a can. I would have to say the hardest part about making these donuts is popping open that biscuit can! It startles me every time! Okay, moving on.

I used heart-shaped fondant cutters. These fondant cutters work great, they’re small, and they usually come with three different sizes in a set. So perfect for donuts!

Here’s what you’ll need:
Can of buttermilk biscuit dough(not sure if this recipe will work with the flaky dough; may need to do a separate post on that)
One cup of vegetable or canola oil
Small pot for frying
Small cutting board
Powdered sugar
Large ziplock bag
Paper towel on plate to absorb excess oil

Start by heating the one cup of oil in a small pot. Set the heat between high and medium. It will take about five minutes to heat up.

Be careful not to tip the pot with hot oil. It has happened to me I hate to admit. For your safety I will caution you again, be careful not to tip the pot with hot oil!

Place the biscuit dough on the cutting board. No need to flour the board. With the larger cutter, press firmly down on the biscuit. Tear away the excess dough. Then with your small cutter, cut out the middle of the heart(or whatever shape your choose to use)…

Test the oil first to make sure it’s hot enough for the donuts. Place a small piece of dough in the pot. As you can see below, the oil wasn’t quite hot enough. I let the small dough sit in the oil until it started to cook. Once you see small bubbles rapidly form around the dough, the oil is ready.

Carefully drop the donuts in to the pot…

Let it cook for a minute, then flip…

I flip the donuts every minute to avoid overcooking one side. It takes about 4 to 4&1/2 minutes to fully cook.

Once the donuts are cooked, remove them carefully and place them on to the paper towel. Let the donuts cool for a minute or two before you add the powdered sugar or whatever topping you desire to use.

In a large ziplock bag add four large spoonfuls of powdered sugar. Add the cooled donut to the bag of sugar, and shake, shake, shake…

It helps if there is air in the bag while shaking. The donuts bounce around more easily. But be sure the bag is sealed tightly before shaking, you don’t want a white Christmas all over your kitchen!

I hope you liked this fun little recipe! Thanks for stopping by PeopleTreats!


9 thoughts on “I Heart Donuts

    • Thank you so much! I thought these cutouts worked great for these biscuits. They turned out really tasty with the powdered sugar, too. Thank u for all of the “likes” on my posts! That is so great! Love ur blog, too. Had a look-around. very nice πŸ™‚

  1. Yummm! My mom always used to make these growing up, never get old. She makes them with cinnamon and sugar, tho. I’ll have to try with powdered sugar πŸ™‚

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