Peachy Keen Cobbler

Sweet, crunchy, delectable, gooey goodness! Just a few adjectives to describe this tasty dessert. It’s summertime and peaches are in season, so why not make a peach cobbler. For this recipe you can use fresh peaches or canned. If you use canned peaches, just drain the juice beforehand. Since I used fresh peaches, I peeled off the skin. An easy tip that I learned from my mother-in-law for peeling peaches is take the peach and cut a little one-inch X on it with a knife, dunk the peach in boiling water for about a minute, remove from the boiling water with tongs, and the skins will peel right off. Very easy to do.

Items needed for Peachy Keen Cobbler:
Casserole dish (I used a 3&1/2-by-7-inch dish)
A box of yellow or white cake mix(Total amount of cake mix needed is 1&1/4 cup)
1 stick of butter melted
1 tblspn of sugar
Three large peaches peeled and cut(Cut the peaches to about 1&1/2- to 2-inch sizes)

And that’s all you need!

Start by preheating the oven to 375F

Place the cut peaches into the casserole dish; sprinkle the tblspn of sugar over the top of the peaches to give it some extra sweetness…

In a small pot, melt the one stick of butter. You could use the microwave to melt the butter, but I try to steer away from advising that due to some disastrous episodes of exploding butter sticks! Not fun!

Once the butter has melted, mix in the 1&1/4 cups of cake mix until you have cake dough…

Take spoonfuls of the cake and butter mixture and place it on top of the peaches…

Place this into your oven and bake for 28 to 30 minutes.

After 28 to 30 minutes, it should have a golden brown top. If the center is still white, bake a little longer, but 30 minutes should be a sufficient amount of time.

Look how gorgeous this peach cobbler turned out!
photo 5 (4)

Hope you’ve enjoyed my Peachy Keen Cobbler recipe. This was so good and so easy to make. This is best served warm with some vanilla ice cream. Go on and dive right in to Peach Paradise!

See you all next time for some more PeopleTreats!

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