Turkey Burger Sliders

“Slide these down your gullet,” my husband said as he was about to take a bite into his second turkey slider, “that’s what you should put in your blog.”

These yummy turkey sliders have a bit of a kick. I made a delicious sauce to go with these burgers. It’s mayo mixed with Frank’s Redhot Wing Sauce. It’s got tanginess from the vinegar and heat from the cayenne that will keep you wanting more!

I love to cook with turkey. Yes, it’s low in fat but it doesn’t have to lack in flavor. I mixed in a half packet of onion dip into the turkey meat giving these burgers a nice season with chopped scallions and some black olives. Mmmmmh, so good!

Here’s what ya need:

Lean Turkey meat
Slider burger buns
Half a packet of onion dip
1/3 cup of diced scallions
1/3 cup of chopped black olives(the pre-pitted ones in a can)
1/4 tsp of black pepper
Pinch of salt
One egg
1/3 cup of bread crumbs(I used panko; it’s just dried breadcrumbs in a package)
1/2 cup of mayo
1/4 cup of Frank’s Redhot Wing Sauce(Add extra wing sauce if you want more of a kick to your burger)
Roma tomato
Cheese(I used shredded cheddar cheese; just add a small pinch after the turkey burger is cooked)

Before working with the raw meat, let’s slice the tomatoes first…

The sauce is really easy. Just add the mayo and wing sauce into a small bowl and mix well…

Place the tomatoes and sauce into the fridge.

Now, time for the meat mixture. In a medium bowl add half a packet of onion dip, bread crumbs, one egg, salt, pepper, scallions and black olives…

Give this a quick mix with a fork.

Have a large plate or pan nearby so you can place your raw burger patties on it.

Once the turkey seasoning is all mixed well, add the raw meat. With clean hands, mix it all together. Form 2- to 2&1/2-inch rounds, then press firmly creating a small patty. Place these on to your designated plate for raw meat. I was able to make a total of ten small patties.

Heat some butter up in a medium pan. Once the pan is hot, place five patties on to the pan…

The total time to cook is about 7 to 8 minutes. Give them a flip after 2 minutes to avoid burning, give another flip after two minutes and so on to keep from overcooking one side. Also, use a lid to contain the heat. Cook the meat thoroughly. If you have to cut a patty in half to check, do so. I can usually tell by gently pressing the patty and seeing clear fat ooze out as opposed to reddish fat.

After the burgers are cooked, place a small pinch of shredded cheddar or a small slice if you are using sliced cheese onto the patties.

I like to heat up my burger buns in the microwave for 20 seconds just to soften them up…

After the buns are ready, place the lettuce first on the bottom half of the bun and then the burger patty, this helps to avoid a soggy bun from the burger fat, then add the tomato slice on top of the patty. With a spoon, ladle a small scoop of wing sauce and mayo mix on the inside of the top bun, add a little on top of the tomato.

And this is what you should expect…

Trust me, these are gullet worthy!

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13 thoughts on “Turkey Burger Sliders

    • Thank you so much. They were really good. I’m dying to make these again so I can add blue cheese crumbles to it. Thought of blue cheese the day after. I’ll do a separate post for that. I really appreciate the reblog! That was so nice of you :)! Thanks again!

      • Blue cheese … great. Up here in Wisconsin it’s everywhere. It’s as popular as cheddar on a burger, … well, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

      • Wisconsin, where the cheddar flows like cheddar, lol! Well, I am very excited to see that someone out there enjoyed my post enough to reblog! I really appreciate it! Thanks again!

  1. My sister will like this! I skipped the mention of her turkey burgers in hamburger post. Well…they didn’t look all that great, lol. Now these…I will make for entire family!!

    • Oh, the family will love these! I’m so thrilled to have a new follower, too, thank you, and I’m glad you liked the post :)! I always make regular sized turkey burgers, but I thought sliders would be a fun little change.

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